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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!

I was not about to interrupt my South American timing by sending you a greeting in a rush! Christmas was just one more surreal impression at this point, where my disorientation from all things familiar leaves me slightly unstrung. Forgive me for using you now as an anchor. Our house is claiming me day by day, and the gorgeous stone floor pulls increasingly on my feet.

I am caught off guard when, amidst my annoyance with so many ants and reptiles in the house, a shock of beauty greets me unexpectedly. How does the horizon of the turquoise sea rise above the side wall? Haven't figured that one out. I find myself quoting a line from one of my father's poems, "Oh, Lord, did you paint such beauty for me?"

I hope 2007 holds new discoveries for you. The world is bigger than you xmas 06

Love to you all,

Sandra Jean

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