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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Athens 2010 Dispatch

From Rome we flew to Athens. flightMy brief stay in Athens, entertaining myself while Newton met with business partners, was highlighted by the new Parthenon museum. I took a bus and the metro from our hotel on the Adriatic Sea. The museum is down the hill from the actual Parthenon. It is wonderfully conceived and executed, presenting basically a walk around a simulated temple with the original surviving marbles in their original ‘places,’ complete with explanations. I love a museum where one feels like it is possible to see the entirety of the exhibit.













I then traveled by metro to Technopolis, an old industrial part of the city – the former gas works – to see its transformation into a cultural center. There are galleries and restaurants adapted to the structures that existed for the gas works, many with the massive equipment still there!


Add to this a couple of unforgettable (as always) dinners out with the Athens business partners, and the brief stay was just perfect.

Instead of joining Newton in Poland for business, I headed for Germany.



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  1. I never made it to Greece, but always wanted to go. One of my good friends, a P&Ger, still have a family home in Athens and also second home and an olive orchard on one of the islands. His descriptions make it sound wonderful.


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