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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

USA Travel Dispatch: North Central

Yes, I was waiting with two of my cherished friends to be picked up at O'Hare Airport in a stretch limousine.

It had been ordered, along with a bottle of champagne, by another cherished friend to transport the three of us from Chicago to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

The four of us attended Northwestern University together in Chicago some years back.

Monica (Postell) is a Chicago native who inherited her grandparents’ cottage on Twin Lakes. She lives there over the summer half of the year and in Delray Beach, Florida over the winter half. Monica designs creative corporate training programs for a large international company. She also creates her own charming and cheerful living spaces, complete with gardens a-blooming. She hosted our third 4-friend reunion with the originality and aplomb she brings to everything she touches. Our previous two were in New York City (2012) and Lima, Peru (2014).

Marisi, me, Doyley

Here we are arriving in style to a truly timeless summer setting:

Marisi (Marie Arana) flew in from Washington DC, where she is an author, a Library of Congress Scholar and the coordinator (with the First Lady) of the National Book Festival. 

Doyley (Linda Doyle Calder) flew in from Westhampton, NY, where she is both a brilliant lawyer and a brilliant gardener.

All three of these stupendous women are brainy-while-fun!

Monica's cabin

Monica presented each of us with yellow rain ponchos - just in case - which she had inscribed around the hem with rain poems: one by William Henry Davies; one by Sara Teasdale and one by Langston Hughes!

We spent our four days together...

Having breakfast out in the side yard;

Walking around town, having lunch out...

...watching the captivating annual ski show, which features very fit teens who aspire to participate in the semi-weekly performances their entire childhoods;

Talking and drinking rosé and prosecco out front:

Marisi & Doyley

Hanging around the kitchen, preparing dinners, etc.;

- Visiting Lake Geneva and a fantastic nursery/store.
- Playing a very giggly game of Scrabble in the living room.
- Comparing notes on favorite books.
- Quite commendably sharing one bathroom amongst ourselves.
- Trading photos in Monica's office using Monica's high-tech knowhow. 
- Sleeping in complete tranquility in the master bedroom, the guest bedroom and the roomy dorm-like attic bedroom.
- Reviewing the foibles of first husbands.
- Sharing Monica's skillful personal trainer for a sweltering workout.
- Recalling exploits from our youth and updating details of mutual friends.
- Replenishing that big dent we made in Monica's wine shelf. (Sorry about forgetting that half-bottle of rosé in the freezer!)

Time to fly.

Special thanks to Monica, who already sent each of us a beautiful published book of photos to mark our 3rd reunion. Brazil in 2018!


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