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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Graduation Dispatch

June 22, 2008

Elise finished college (Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan) with a flourish. The last day before graduation she had a final and a portfolio review by Graphic Design industry professionals. We got to see her – looking all professional – at the review. Her portfolio is amazing, as her five reviewers agreed. Here are some of her fellow graduates:

Jake had taken the red-eye into Newark that morning after participating in the spring revelries at UC San Diego, arriving within minutes of our flight from Sao Paulo. We were so happy to see our boy and use his car!

Elise’s senior project on consumerism was selected for the Senior Show. Besides writing the thesis, she photographed aisles and aisles of products and assembled them into this wonderful rectangular graphic. Then she made a map of the globe with cut-up credit cards and a flipbook of people shopping.

The graduation ceremony the next morning at Radio City Music Hall opened with the big Wurlitzer blasting out “Pomp and Circumstance.” We looked down from the balcony on the tops of mortar boards decorated with various designs, glitter, and even a room setting of miniature furniture (an Interior Design major, no doubt). There were too many graduates to call out individual names, so each major was called to rise as a group for the bestowal of degrees (Fashion Design, Textile Surface Design, Textile Restoration, Fine Art, Photography, Accessory Design, Art History, Package Design, Graphic Design, Toy Design, to name a few). This all took place against the backdrop of that exquisite Deco palace.

Elise had barely slept for days, but was radiant at our celebratory lunch at a nearby Greek restaurant. She was ready for a relaxing family trip to Maine the next day, after a semester of projects, finals, waitressing and her internship that became a job.

You can bet there’s more coming soon –


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