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Friday, June 27, 2008

Lawrenceville, NJ Dispatch

June 27, 2008

My sister Donna is the hostess and the cook of the family. She is also the most fun-loving, extroverted and boisterous. This Donna cocktail delivers many rollicking hours of luscious fun for family and friends. Her husband, Larry, is the dignified co-conspirator, who calmly and ably keeps the machine – and the entrĂ©es – well-oiled.

Elise, Newton and I arrived in Lawrenceville, NJ for a couple of days of eats, drinks, catching up, laughs and cards. Our niece Sara and her fiancĂ© Rob came for a cook-out with their two miniature greyhounds, Grady and Skillet, who found the idyllic May evening as intoxicating as we did (OK, we had help). Donna and Larry’s other daughter, Amy, was awaiting the birth of her second daughter in Maryland.*

After a celebratory champagne dinner out the last night in honor of Elise’s graduation, we continued the champagne at home while completing a Spades game in which the females uncharacteristically shut out the diehard guys. (Elise and Donna shared a hand.) Donna immediately supplied the appropriate chant, inspired by the fourth grade at the school where she works: “Girls Rule, Boys Drool!” Donna’s pleas for Larry, who was on his way upstairs to bed, to come back down for the ‘boys drool’ photo op went unheeded. Newton was left to stave off the brunt of our onslaught alone.

I believe all my relatives smile when you say "Donna's house" to them!

*The second granddaughter, Paige, arrived soon after, here a curiosity to her sister Allison.

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